We can only accept instructions to act through

a solicitor or other person with relevant licensed access rights acting on
behalf of a client
a solicitor or other person with relevant licensed access rights acting on
his/her own behalf
a law firm or partner based outside the UK
a client based outside the UK

Before submitting instructions please check with our practice manager that there are no relevant conflict problems or limitations on the ability to accept work under the licensed access rules.

We are able to suggest solicitors through whom instructions may be submitted where necessary.

We can accept instructions in writing (by post or email) or by phone. Instructions may be formal or informal and need not follow a set style or format – we accept handwritten instructions. Documents can be submitted with verbal instructions but, in some cases, no documents at all need be submitted.

Advice can be given in writing, in conference or video conference or by phone, or by any combination of these. However, it is our experience that initial advice in conference or by phone is both useful and cost-effective. In the interests of confidentiality, conferences can be arranged outside office hours and away from chambers

The requirements of the money laundering regulations will need to be complied with in all cases and guidance as to the form and content of the information required can be obtained from our practice manager.

Our practice manager Tyroon Win, can be contacted both in chambers
020 7430 2005
and out of hours on 07751 022914. See also “Contact us”.