All clients, whether Professional, License Access or Public Access are welcome to contact us for estimates. We are the only chambers who specialises in Partnership, Limited Liability Partnerships and Limited Partnership matters.

We charge on an hourly time basis for perusing documents and preparation, drafting documents, opinions, conferences and telephone conferences (and notes recording details of such conferences). This rate will apply to work on any further papers you may submit after the initial advice has been given.

In addition, a fixed fee basis for the specific level of work required may be agreed where appropriate with the Practice Manager.

Our fees will vary, depending on your requirements, the complexity of a case and the seniority of a barrister and are quote exclusive of VAT. We also charge travel time if Counsel has to attend conferences outside of Chambers and where relevant disbursement relating to train, airfares, car mileage, hotel and subsistence. Where appropriate, disbursement charges relating to substantial telephone charges, extensive photocopying and or binding, courier and mail deliveries may apply.

Brief fees and refreshers will vary depending on the complexity of the case, preparation of the hearing and where relevant, hotel, car mileage, train, plane and subsistence charges may apply.

Mediation and arbitrations are charged on an hourly basis and time is charged for travelling to the mediation or arbitration and where relevant, hotel, car mileage, train, plane and subsistence charges may apply.

Please note that we do not accept instructions under conditional fee agreements.

Payment terms are 30 days and interest charges may apply for overdue fees if under the Standard Contractual Agreement please see Section 12 of the Standard Contractual Terms for the Supply of Legal Services by Barristers to Authorised Persons 2012 (Updated for the GDPR in 2018) on Billing, Payment and Interest or under our client care letter.

Payment method: Cheques payable direct to the barrister instructed or details for BACs payments can be found on their respective fee note.

Please feel free to contact our Practice Manager, Tyroon Win for further details on fees and estimates by e-mail tyroon@partnershipcounsel.co.uk or by telephone on 020 7430 2005. Please note that all estimates, where given, may need to be reviewed on receipt of papers and or further papers.


We endeavour to meet our client's deadline and have a consistently high success rate in doing so. There may be occasions where times will vary due to the barrister's availability, requirement and review of further documents and on the complexity of a specific case and delays emanating from the response of other parties out of our control.

Our general turn round of work varies from a few days to 2 weeks (or ongoing) and if the work is urgent, we can respond on the same day at short notice.